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Doodle with Me

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In this webinar we will talk about the role of meditation and fuse that with line art for a meditative experience together. At the end of the hour and a half long webinar we hope to have a pattern sheet to draw from and an artwork that reminds us of this meditative journey.
what you will need:
pencil, eraser, paper, black pen
Once you register and make the payment you will receive the handouts for this webinar and the zoom link. Please have the print outs available to use during the webinar.

The cost of this webinar is given in three different currencies for your convenience. $8 USD $6 SGD and Rs 500 (Indian Rupees). Please choose your method of payment.

Scripture Engagement through the Arts : Selah Art

(Saturday July 18th/ 25th, 2020)

We will engage with the Biblical Scriptures using Visual Art during this hour and a half Online Session. We will flex our hand muscles with some drawing exercises, and create an artwork as we contemplate.
What you will need:
Paper, Pencil, Eraser, Black Pen

Please fill in the form to register: Once the payment is made you will receive the handouts for this webinar (Please print ) and the zoom link for the workshop.

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