Faith-ing and prayer

Sometimes we pursue a calling out of our strength and drive. We tend to forget that the passion comes from God.

I am reminded of a story a Preacher uncle ( my Indian childhood makes me address older men that way) told me. I was at the brink of motherhood and his children were friends of mine. So I took the liberty to enquire about his style of parenting. He said it is all ‘by God’s grace’. He drew my attention to different families (without mentioning names). Families that have had good communication, families who have maintained good discipline at home and families who sought to translate their faith for their children to grow up in the knowledge and love of God. But it is all through God’s grace. Not all of the children referred to in this conversation continued their relationship with God.

God is the author and the finisher of your faith. So the first and foremost thing you can do as primary caregivers is to pray over your children. Talking to God, this author of your faith, your creator and friend about your children, about your heart for your little one is the most important rhythm you can maintain.

God knows and cares for your little ones more than you do. He made them.  So talk with Him. Listen to what He has for His children in your care. Ask Him for ideas and ask Him for His grace.

Seek God’s protection over your little one’s heart and mind everyday. It is only by God’s Spirit and power that one can overcome and live by faith through grace.

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