Faith-ing in vitro

In the traditional Indian culture a mother-to-be is the center of attention 7 months into the pregnancy. The family gathers around the adorned pregnant lady with lots of laughter and blessings. The older women are invited to take turns to place glass bangles on the hands of the mother-to-be and to smear some sandal wood paste on her face and hands.

The idea behind this tradition is to bless the mother-to-be. To distract her from the discomforts of the third tri-mester and to foster bonding between the mother and baby. Recently research has shown that a baby in vitro can hear and more importantly can hear (and eventually recognize) the mother’s voice. Hence the tradition of glass bangles is believed to contribute the pleasant chiming of glass bangles. Sandal wood paste is known for its cleansing and calming properties. So the tradition of applying this facial adds to the glow of motherhood.

Cultuures have created wonderful ways to foster love. What an amazing opportunity for us to share God’s words/love to our little ones- while yet in the womb. God has promised that His word will never return void (Is 55:11). So during your time with the Lord read scripture aloud or pray aloud. Allow your child and your ears to hear your voice speaking the Truth. Its a wonderful time to immerse your unborn child in God’s word and love.


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