Faith-ing starts with you

Have you ever travelled by air? Before take-off you are reminded that in the event of an emergency primary caregivers are to secure their own oxygen masks before attempting to help their little ones. It works the same with discipleship.

Discipleship is a result of your experience and relationship with God.

So allow yourself the time and luxury of God’s presence before offering or suggesting it to your little ones. Look into the mirror (The Bible) and examine your relationship with the Lord. It starts with you.

Find ways to cultivate your relationship with the Lord. He is eager to meet with you. Take a look at the rhythms of your life and find ways to get to know The One who truly loves you and is excited about you. Meet with Him and communicate with Him. As you continue to linger in this pure love of your Creator it becomes easier for others, especially your little ones to see you and know that you belong to Him. When you are in communion with the Trinity Faith-ing gets easier. Its not about your creative juices its about your love for God and your neighbour.



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