First place in Visual Art – USA
United Methodist Women’s Program Guide (2017-2018) – Coloring Pages

This was a fun project. I created 12 coloring pages for this Program Guide (Coloring Devotional Book).

This project won the first place for Visual Design in the Christian Communicators Gathering (2017

December 2019, SAIACS, India
SAIACS – Advent Hope Project

I had the privilege of leading a team of 6 artists through the process of discovering a few Indian folk and art styles. Designing these pieces and allowing the artists to interpret them with their individual strokes and styles was an eye-opening experience.
The prime question we answer here : “What does Christmas mean to you?” We answered this using the Bible (the birth and life of Jesus Christ- the kingdom established, the purpose of our existence in the here – the kingdom of God is here and, the Gift of forever in the presence of our Creator)

Book Cover Design – SAIACS Press (2019)
Book Cover

This design uses the migration and re-settlement of butterflies as a metaphor to depict the migration of peoples across the globe.

Commission : Hope (October 2020)
True North Foundation – Hope

The lotus is a symbol of hope in many Asian cultures. It rises through the murky waters and blooms fresh and clean above the water. It is created with all that it needs to push through the murky waters and reach the light. So are we! We are created as God’s workmanship to thrive and bloom and even push through the murky waters of life’s challenges.

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