Sujatha Elizabeth Balasundaram

I am a visual artist who enjoys a blend of styles. The black and white images are constructed by weaving patterns from Indian folk and tribal art. Some of these visuals are re-imagined as coloring sheets, some are used in Spiritual Direction, some as conversation starters, graphic organizers and some as storytellers. Here are a few examples.

Journey with Jesus: This is a series of visuals based on the last week of Jesus’ physical life on earth.


Journey with Jesus – Forgiven


Journey with Jesus – Hosanna

Unless the Seed Dies

Journey with Jesus – Seed

Who is Jesus?

Journey with Jesus – Who is Jesus to you?

Abide in the Vine

Journey with Jesus – Abide

Cup of Suffering

Journey with Jesus – Cup


Journey with Jesus – Freedom

Road to Emmaus

Journey with Jesus – He walks with me.

Parables of Jesus: The following are few of the parables Jesus shared with his disciples.


The Parable of the Sower


The Parable of the Pearl

The Loving Father

The Parable of the Good Father

Mustard Seed

The Parable of the Mustard Seed

Are you ready?

The Parable of the 10 Bridesmaids

The Lost sheep

The Parable of the Lost Sheep

Creative Graphic Organisers
What are you in Control of?

Graphic Organizer: What are you in control of?


Graphic Organizer: Gratitude

Christmas :
Birth Announcement

God pulls all the stops!!

Advent Hope Project

Advent Hope Project –


Emmanuel -God with us.

Emmanuel – God with us

Emmanuel – God with us


All are precious (Warli)-colored

All are precious


Share one another’s burden – Empathy



Water Pollution

Water Pollution

Commissioned works
12 Coloring Pages – UM Program Book

Coloring Pages for the UM Program Book 2017 – This work won 1st place for Visual Design in the Christian Communicators Gathering (2018)

Book Cover Design of ‘migrating butterflies’ original artwork and book design by Sujatha Balasundaram

Book Cover Design

True North Foundation : Acrylic on Canvas : Arise

Acrylic on Canvas: True North Foundation, Florida


and logos

designed by Evan Heisman and created by Sujatha
designed by Evan Heisman and created by Sujatha

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