Selah: A contemplative coloring book

I have 2 children ages 8 and 5. Very often I would scribble ‘swiggles‘ and swirls and they would color them with a lot of excitement. But the coloring often led to some calm moments with good questions and conversations over the subject in focus (while their hands were busy). So why not a coloring book to help contemplate on scripture. And so the journey began and here is Selah Art: A Contemplative Coloring Book.

Here are some ways I have been encouraged:

“Such fun, Sujatha! I like the purpose and the high level contemplation this will produce, what a great tool in this culture where people do not know how to rest and meditate!” – Joy Mistur, Director of Children’s  and Family Ministries at Grace Greenbush

“Your pieces are beautiful. I love them just for the black/white contrast. Striking. I also think they would make amazing coloring pages.” – Amy Koskie McKaskle,  family counsellor

“I think your art would be nice for adults as well as children! Just looking at your art is calming. I’ve been struggling with anxiety, and so I was inspired by your art to do some of my own.” Lori Schwinn Ferrell, missionary 

“I think it is a unique idea that uses scripture, meditation, and the relaxation of coloring to help people connect with God and His word in a multi-sensory way”. – Jenny Holmes Shockey, Editor of Selah:A Christmas devotional guide 

Selah: A Contemplative Coloring Book is not just for kids.  The intricate spaces of the designs and its contemplative nature extends itself to the most talked about category of books of this time period: Adult coloring books. Psychologists and users have been talking extensively of its calming effect. But the intent of the pages of this book goes beyond coloring and calming: it is to help one contemplate and linger on the point in focus.

IMG_0114   DSC02256

If you would like a copy of this coloring book please fill in the form below. Thank you!

What you will receive (via email) is an electronic copy of 5 high resolution images along with the scripture/text in focus. Then print, color, read and ponder.

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2 thoughts on “Selah: A contemplative coloring book

  1. I met with 12 boys & girls in grades 2-8 and they were very focused and talkative about the questions and their observations. It was a delight to listen the them spot patterns and then discuss how the 7th ring was empty due to the day of rest and they each wanted to express their rest with a differrent color. They went on to compare how their famiies rest on Sundays. I would love to use more of these coloring sheets with any age to help the group focus and talk

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