The Jesus Gift Box

It started a couple of weeks ago. The nurse at the doctor’s office looks politely at my little ones and asks ” So what are you asking for, this Christmas”. Why does Christmas have to be about getting something? Many years ago an active church member asked my daughter that same question.

God had beautifully prepared me for this moment several years before I had kids. I sat in conversations where parents expressed that the focus of Christmas is in giving much like God did that very first Christmas.

So we as a family ask ourselves “What would Jesus like for His birthday this year?” We each have a Jesus gift box (see the little blue box under the tree – thats it!).It is basically a tissue box that we wrapped in gift wrap and the slot if for us to slip in things we write as gifts or gifts we want to give Jesus. Starting from the first day of Advent we intentionally put/give things to Jesus. And what we get on December 25th is more than we can ever imagine or ask for in Jesus name.On the 31st we take out the gifts and see how we are doing and pray for one another as we begin the new year. We pray we will continue to give Jesus those gifts through the coming year.

For example:

If one of the gifts I want to give Jesus is to be a better, loving, daughter I would write that down on a slip of paper and put it in the Jesus gift box. Every time since then when I do something that is in line with that gift (call my mom and chat with her, send my mom a thank you note etc) I will make a record of it and put it in the box. On the 31st I will read it out and the ways I have given Jesus the gift. Once everyone has had a turn we will pray for one another.
If my gift for Jesus was to buy another family a gift I would write that down, and the follow up would be when the gift was purchased and delivered to them.

So Selah with us. Take time to think/to ponder over what you could give Jesus this Christmas and put a big smile on Jesus’ face.


What can I Give to the King (

What can I give to the King?
Give to the one who has everything?
What can I give?
What gift can I bring?
What can I give to the King?
What can I give to the King?

Give Him a heart that’s open up wide
Give Him a life that’s got nothing to hide
Give Him a love that’s tender and true
And He’ll give it all back to you
And He’ll give it all back to you

Give Him all glory His people on earth
Give Him all praises this day of His birth
Give Him all honor in all that we do
As He’s given His life to you,
As He’s given His life to you


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