Art Responses

As far as I can remember I have been a doodler(the term though was given much later in life)- visual learner was more common but often thought inferior 😦 . I chose my majors at High School based on the amount of drawing it involved and the use of diagrams and visuals in the learning process. 🙂 – subjects that made sense with illustrations like science and math 🙂 . I have doodled on scraps of paper, I have visually presented my thoughts in journals, letters, to-do lists 🙂 and correspondences with friends and family.

However the value of visual arts stared me in my face when I had my children – the ability to express oneself when words were not enough or when words were in the way. Visual arts is a tool that enhanced contemplation and wonder. I did it for myself, I did it for and along with my children. Now I offer theses sketches, ‘sckwiggles’ , ink designs for you.

Art Responses has the unique ability to capture emotions, retell stories, and reconnect to the essence. Browse through the Gallery (click the highlighted words to take you there) Read the Blog for more of the story, Engage with the art or Visit the store to make it yours.

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