I have been drawing, scribbling for the longest time. I loved to draw. I am a visual learner. So I memorized details of wars in History class by drawing the map, I learned the working of the heart and other organs in the body by drawing the diagrams, my physics and chemistry assignments also included diagrams. This didn’t change when I had my kids. I gave them crayons on taped sheets of paper to see color and know their hands. We prayed using pencils and crayons in our hands. Soon I was doodling sermons and scripture passages for my children to color as they processed information or asked questions.

But it wasn’t until a friend and mentor discovered an image that dropped out of my Bible while setting up for a children’s art exhibition that birthed Selah Art. I made this friend a card with designs similar to what you will see here. She was so enamored by it. She encouraged me to share my skill with the world around. So began the social journey of Selah Art.

What you will see here are some thoughts behind the visuals and ideas.