I am a visual artist influenced by the tribal and folk art traditions of India. I have always been a visual thinker or ‘doodler’, although the fancy label came much after the labels of ‘idle mind’, ‘waster’ etc. I enjoy empowering people to use the arts to express themselves and to use it as an effective tool for learning.

Sujatha Balasundaram – Founder

Artresponses was founded in 2014. It houses two initiatives; One, an initiative that facilitates learning through the arts, and enhances emotional well being through the arts – Peepal Arts , and the other is a faith based initiative that uses visual arts for spiritual discipleship – Selah Arts.

My Interests
  • Coloring Pages/ Meditative Art
  • Nature Photography
  • Indian Tribal and Folk art
  • S.T.E.A.M. activities

Past Experiences

Founder – Artresponses
(till date)
Artresponses is a label that houses a faith based initiative called Selah Art and an initiative focused on enhancing emotional intelligence called Peepal Arts.

Multimedia Supervisor – Asbury Theological Seminary
(2000 – 2005)
Creating graphics for education purposes to support professors.

Created flash animation for Educational projects

click for full resume

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