compassion(click on the picture to see it enlarged)

Pondering over “compassion”. The mighty things one can do with a heart of compassion.

This piece was birthed out of readings of Mark chapter 8 (The Bible). It is said that Jesus was teaching a crowd and then when it was time to eat his disciples asked Jesus to let them go eat and come back. Jesus however was moved with ‘compassion’ to provide food for them. So with what was offered to Him He blessed and had it distributed… to feed 5000!!!

What are you compassionate about for God.

This doodle is a  mix of warli and madhubani (tribal indian art) art styles.

Published by Sujatha

Wife to a highly creative man, Uday Balasundaram who is passionately in love with Jesus and a mother to 2 precious little ones, Nadira and Aradhya.

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