Loving on our neighbors -through music and skit

This has been in the making since we moved into this neighborhood (11 months ago). I wanted to know my neighbors and wanted to do something together to make this world better. It had to start with me but it could not be just me or my family. So I began on this mission to get to know as many of my neighbors as possible. I interacted with them more than a simple greeting. So what could families and kids in the neighborhood come together and do.

We capitalized on celebrations. Everybody loves the season of Christmas. Whether one celebrates God’s love through Jesus or not they celebrate Christmas.  So lets spread some love. My neighbors and friends loved the idea of engaging with the Assisted Living facility down the street from where we live.

I liaisoned between the facilities co-ordinator of Savannah Court and my neighbors to work out a mutually agreeable date and time.

And so a group of 11 of us headed out with a few props, scripts to a play we were to enact along with the residents and 3 guitars.

Upon arrival we were told of a change in our audience!

The residents of Savannah Court dealing with Alzheimers

We are now to interact with residents dealing with Alzheimers. We plunged right in.

Our set up included a large 17×24 color-in poster from Selah Art’s Advent collection for kids and adults to color.

Emmanuel “God with us” color-in poster used for community coloring

We had some alert residents, some sleeping residents and some not-all-together residents. But we offered the residents a choice of characters to play from the Christmas story. Some chose parts to play. Some forgot they chose the parts!!

Here is Doris with 31 years of teaching experience. She did a fine job being the Narrator.

To listen to Doris please click this link https://vimeo.com/195392890

We distributed our props which seemed to engage some of the residents well.

Here is one of our neighborhood kids reading the part of angel Gabriel to one of the residents who chose to be Mary. She was absolutely delighted to wear the head cover :). Next to her is one of the wise men who loved holding his gift for Jesus. Some of our participants were hearing/enacting the Christmas story for the very first time.

Our skit included the Christmas Carols which amazingly woke up some of the residents to an alert state of even conducting us. Some applauded after we sang. And at the end of it we were blessed.

This is the estuary.We got together with people of different backgrounds to make a difference in another’s life.

The activities co-ordinator loved that we came, loved that we allowed the residents to participate and that we sang.

Every year we as a family host a birthday party for Jesus to remind us that it is the birth of Jesus we are celebrating. And every year we enact this nativity script compiled from the events recorded in scripture from Mathew and Luke interspersed with common Christmas carols. Everybody gets to participate (if you don’t pick a specific part you get to simply be a part of the hosts of angels or one of the shepherds or even the animals).This skit is enacted with little or no drama, little or no props – you can get as creative as you want. We have been doing this for the past 12 years or so now. And each time has had its own flavor. And each time we know a little more.

If you would like a copy of the script please comment below/ email me at sujas.selah@gmail.com or click ‘loving our neighbors-script

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