On March 8, we will be recognizing the need to draw attention to women. This day highlights the oppressive issues that women face day to day and between different cultures all over the world. Well not really highlights the issues but how these should not even be issues women have to face. Sometimes we need that reminder, not just to address issues that wear women down, but also as a reminder to ourselves as women. A reminder to address who we really are.

We are unique individuals who are in a sense different from men (the closest species we can be grouped with). We are a bundle of potentiality. We are created to bloom. Sometimes though, we just are side lined.

This visual is a reflection of who a woman is. The central doodle here is an adaptation of the symbol for the female gender (the circle with a little plus sign facing downwards from the circle). This image also depicts a stylized anchor if you will. Woman you are an anchor. You are anchored in the love of the one who created you. Not by the will of a human but by your ultimate Creator. The little doodles within this outline are my interpretations of green plants to signify growth and life. We are indeed created to bloom and flourish. The background is a  vagina. Yes, you heard it right. But it is a breaking away of a stereotype that tries to box in a woman.

I am an Indian.I am glad and proud to be one. However, one of the things I hate the most about being an Indian is the fact that “India is the most dangerous country for sexual violence against women, according to the Thomson Reuters Foundation 2018 survey.” (http://theconversation.com/india-has-a-sexual-assault-problem-that-only-women-can-fix-101366). Yes there are many other countries that face similar issues but I want to talk from my experience. The fact is that Indian young adults (men) blatantly sexualize women or find cheap thrills in flashing, rubbing their penises against our bodies while commuting on public transportation (this causes me to hesitate lauding any effort by the transportation department in India) and several other cheap incidents on the streets as well. Not to leave out the rampant number of rape cases in India – sickening, to say the least. And so yes, I am not just my vagina, thank you very much.

Women’s day is everyday! But I will take the opportunity to raise up issues that oppress women especially on this day.

Woman, you are an anchor, woman you are anchored and woman more power to you as find ways to bloom and flourish!

Published by Sujatha

Wife to a highly creative man, Uday Balasundaram who is passionately in love with Jesus and a mother to 2 precious little ones, Nadira and Aradhya.

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