Selah is a Hebrew word which means “to stop and listen” or “to pause and think”. So how do you, ‘stop and listen’ or ‘pause and think’?

I realized that when I stopped to ponder I almost always did it with a writing tool in my hands (drawing). The lines, the scribbles, the ‘sckwiggles’, the doodles were ways to pause, to reflect and focus on the thought. Here are some Selah moments captured in ink.

At a very early age (early as 2) I introduced my children to express themselves through various art forms. They have the ability to express themselves freely even before they learn words. So Selah moments in ink are definitely expressions when words are not enough. Here you will find our Selah Moments in Ink (categorized by name)

Sujatha          Nadira             Aradhya

In the section Selah Suggestions you will find guides to help yourself and/or your little one ‘pause and listen’. Click the image below to see helpful guides.

Selah : Pause and Ponder (comma)

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