Ezekiel 47 :6 -12

Estuary is the place where the river meets the sea.

The river waters entering the sea through riverlets forms small islands between its streams before flowing into the sea. These marsh lands are fertile grounds for diverse trees that bear fruit and are lush with life. The river water mixes with the sea water and creates the most productive natural habitats in the world.

An estuary is a dynamic ecosystem with a connection with the open sea through which the sea water enters with the rhythm of the tides. The sea water entering the estuary is diluted by the fresh water flowing from rivers and streams. (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Estuary)

Let’s take a look at Ezekiel 47

This is a vision the prophet Ezekiel experienced. He sees the rivers of Living waters flow from the very throne of God refreshing and nourishing our souls. The trees along the delta are fruitful and lush. The river water enters the sea and there is a mingling of different types of fish (diverse kinds). It is such a dynamic ecosystem! It is such a productive natural habitat! it is because the river meets the sea.

It is the place for all to be refreshed by the ever flowing fresh river. It is the Best place to be, to know, experience and share the refreshing waters of the Living God.

So go out and mingle. Take ‘the river with you and dilute the sea’.


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Here is my colored interpretation of the ‘estuary’


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