Faithing… starts invitro

In the traditional Indian culture a mother to be is a center of attention 7 months into the pregnancy. The family gathers around the adorned pregnant lady with lots of laughter and blessings. The elder women are invited to take turns to place glass bangles on the hands and smear some sandal wood paste on her face and hands. The idea behind this tradition is to give the mother and baby a chance to bond with the sound of glass bangles. Sandle wood paste is a very good facial and enhances the glow of the mother to be. More recently research has backed up this tradition that a baby in vitro can hear and more importantly can hear the mother. And there seems to be some bonding that occurs even while in the womb.

What an amazing opportunity for us to share God’s words to our little ones. God has promised that His word will never return void (Is 55:11). So during your time with the Lord read scripture aloud or pray aloud. Allow your child and your ears to hear your voice speaking the Truth.



Published by Sujatha

Wife to a highly creative man, Uday Balasundaram who is passionately in love with Jesus and a mother to 2 precious little ones, Nadira and Aradhya.

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