Selah: Contemplative Coloring


“look there is a cross in the middle” – looking at the 3rd ring in the Creation doodle with mountains and seas. Aradhya, age 5 coloring the Creation doodle bit by bit. There is a faith-ing moment right there.

me: So what do you think about Jesus and the cross there at creation.

kids: Yes. Thats Jesus at Creation. He was there because He is God. And God made all things.


“see, I’m making my own pattern in the hearts” – indeed love has to flow from within you and be uniquely your expression. Nadira, age 8 coloring the Love is doodle pondering over how she could express “love”.

Published by Sujatha

Wife to a highly creative man, Uday Balasundaram who is passionately in love with Jesus and a mother to 2 precious little ones, Nadira and Aradhya.

6 thoughts on “Selah: Contemplative Coloring

  1. My daughter’s onto her third one and is really enjoying doing it. It’s great to have the Bible reference which has actually encouraged her to read the portion mentioned.

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    1. Thank you Supriti. This is so encouraging and so amazing how art can draw us and help us linger in GOd’s presence.
      Thank you for sharing your experience.


    1. Thank you, Neville. Have you signed up to receive a notification for blog posts? If not I would encourage you to click the “follow” button so you will not miss any updates.


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