Epiphany! Today is the day we celebrate the arrival of the wise men before Jesus the king. This year I had the priviledge of chatting with an astrophysicist. It was awesome. We talked through some astronomical terms in lay terms 😉 like parallax shift, retrograde motion, stationary star, the rising of the stars etc. ThereContinue reading “Epiphany”

Selah: Contemplative Coloring

“look there is a cross in the middle” – looking at the 3rd ring in the Creation doodle with mountains and seas. Aradhya, age 5 coloring the Creation doodle bit by bit. There is a faith-ing moment right there. me: So what do you think about Jesus and the cross there at creation. kids: Yes. ThatsContinue reading “Selah: Contemplative Coloring”

The Kingdom of God is like a rare pearl

This is Nadira’s Selah Moment as she pondered over the parable of the Pearl. Here she expresses her ‘wonderings’ in the shape of a round pearl, the people form the kingdom and the glow is the presence of God.