Psalm 139

A couple of days ago I started this doodle on a scrap of paper during a Lectio Divina reading of Psalm 139:13 -16
The media and hearts of many were still buzzing from the shooting incident that took the lives of some in a community and caused terror to many more.

One of the members of the group shared her heart being drawn to pondering over the intimacy with which God created each of us. And in the light of the recent local incident she was burdened at the rash loss of 49 of those at the shooting.

Sometime that day I read an interview online with Pastor Joel Hunter
something he said resonated with me. The bottom line he said ‘is that they are treated with respect… and they’re given every opportunity to live their full lives, that they’re as precious in the eyes of God as anyone who has ever been made.”

Yes. Every life, every single life snuffed by injustice, war and strife is so intricately and carefully made by our Creator God.

I began to re-draw the doodle on a bigger paper. I began drawing 49 lives and then expanded it to many other circles of people and communities who are not being given ‘the opportunity to live their full lives’. My mind was given headlines from different parts of the world as I prayed, Praying for people to be given the opportunity to live their full lives.

still praying, still pondering.. so much to be done in the city and in the world.

This doodle has circles of warli people. They are doodled in flowers and flourishing leaves as a sign of Life. Life that they are planned to live, its the abundant Life.

Recently I was introduced to the field of epigenetics.(In the science of genetics, epigenetics is the study of cellular and physiological phenotypic trait variations that result from external or environmental factors that switch genes on and off and affect how cells express genes)

How fascinating! Something to ponder over, How can I be an external influence/environment that can indeed affect how people experience and live out the days God has ordained for them in the book of Life so others may read and know the Living,Loving Creator Father God!


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Wife to a highly creative man, Uday Balasundaram who is passionately in love with Jesus and a mother to 2 precious little ones, Nadira and Aradhya.

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