More recently I have been pondering over the word ‘diversity’. What does it mean? Why does it bother people?

There has been a lot on the news about diversity or the fear of diversity. Quite honestly I don’t think we humans have done a good job in enjoying diversity. But we try.

Diversity is the heart of God. How else would we be made in God’s image and so unique; as individuals, communities, people groups, ethnicities and nations.

Many would suggest being color blind or trying to see people as a single group. But wouldn’t that somehow stifle the creativity of God. I would urge us to see the differences, to allow those differences to challenge and inform our beliefs. See the beauty. Don’t stifle it.

In this doodle I have used the paisley or ‘boteh or butta ‘ as I pondered over the diversity represented in the world and God’s heart in making us so unique. In the Zoroastrian culture the boteh represented everlasting life. In some ancient Indian cultural groups the ‘manga or the boteh’ represented the harvest or health and in some cases prosperity . Here every paisley pattern is unique representing diversity. The borders are God’s garden or Gods creation (tree trunks- the tree of Life) . God’s safe place for us to experience our differences and love our neighbor well. Diversity is in gods plan . People who are different from us challenge us. This should be a welcomed challenge. Its hard, but diversity in Jesus Christ invites us into experiencing the depth and creativity of god. Because of the difficulty in embracing diversity ( and honestly I think we all are learning what it really means to be diverse) it calls for creative solutions, creative thinking and creative problem solving.

This doodle was birthed as I prayed and asked God to forgive and help us love our neighbor as ourselves. It really does break God’s heart to see us being mean to one another.


Don’t give up. In James 1:5 it says If you need wisdom, ask our generous God, and he will give it to you. He will not rebuke you for asking. So let’s ask, lets love and lets feel the heart of God.
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Published by Sujatha

Wife to a highly creative man, Uday Balasundaram who is passionately in love with Jesus and a mother to 2 precious little ones, Nadira and Aradhya.

4 thoughts on “Diversity

  1. I am not really sure how to take your post today. God created man in his image and it was after the fall that man chose to divide up into groups. Most of these groups were rebelling against God’s laws (ways). With the many different cultures of today, it is when we are following Christ that there is not male, nor female, bond nor free person. The unifying idea for the many cultures is faith in Jesus Christ.
    God Bless you – Dwaine


    1. Dwaine thank you for engaging in conversation over this piece. I think we are saying the same thing. Im just not as good with words 🙂
      Anyways I do mean that the diversity that I see and learn from knowing Jesus Christ helps me love my neighbor whether he/she is Samaritan or Jew -Does that make sense?
      I am called to love my neighbor irrespective of where ever in the journey of life my neighbor may be at.


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