Selah Art goes to Manila!!

Earlier this year I was invited to attend a Global Workplace conference in Manila. I was given the opportunity to share a little about Selah Art and Art Responses. As you may already know Selah Art is the meditative line of Art Responses.

Here are some pictures of a presentation to people representing 7 different countries. It was wonderful to share and give them the space to have their own Selah Moments. All within the hour. What a fabulous time!


I stand amazed at what God has done. I am so grateful to my God for giving me the opportunity. I am so grateful to all the people who believed in me. I am so thankful for the people who provided financially to make this trip a possibility. I return inspired and renewed to keep on keeping on.


Amazing Grace!!!

Here are some of their artworks based on the Creation story



The above ideas were generated in a span of 25 minutes, with the listening of the text-in_ focus for about 12 minutes (readings were read twice) and they had about 10-12 minutes to work on the ideas or thoughts that God had drawn them towards. (I hope to have more of their artworks digitized soon).

I shared some of my meditative pieces as well.

Of course, these were images I had completed in the past and I had more time to complete my thought and my meditations in pen. Each meditative piece with a different focus or perspective into the Creation Story.

I absolutely loved hearing back from participants that they were planning on practicing this new contemplative meditative exercise. (I just received another email yesterday with a similar feedback).

This was a Global Workplace Forum. Yes, work is good. Work is essential. But all work and no time for a pause is not what we were made for.  Meditation helps calm the mind, relax the brain and allow for God to work in and through us. Meditation is not merely about recognizing your feelings but handing them into the hands of your Creator. Merely recognizing your thoughts and being non-judgmental as promoted by the popular ‘mindfulness experts’ falls short of lasting peace, placing those thoughts in your Creator’s hands and hearing His heart for you is what will give you peace and a calm inspite of your circumstances.

Graham Shaw, a renowned TED speaker on communication once stated scientific evidence that showed how people remember about 65% more when they actually drew their thoughts. It’s no wonder that many schools these days are encouraging youngsters to take handwritten notes/doodles.

So I would urge you take time to pause. Take the time to rest from your work. Hand your work into the hands of your Creator. And while you are at try staying in the presence of your Creator with the scriptures and a pen in hand.


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