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Every lent we sow a seed. The seed is observed through a glass jar. Each child gets to pick her own seed and care for it, that usually means enough sunlight and water. For this experiment we use paper towels or cotton instead of soil.

We watch the seed every day and make observations. Every year we have discussed different elements. This year as before we watched the seed grow larger, much larger than its original size as we watered it before it changed.

But our focus this year was on the roots. It is the first thing to break out of the casing. It grows and establishes itself before anything else happens to the seed (at least from the naked eye). This growth is fast (the first 2 pictures were taken on the same day!!).

Then the seed cracks open through the dry casing, the seed covers the young leaves. The next few days the seed shrivels up giving life to the stem and the leaves.

We are continuing to watch it. The seed hasn’t totally disappeared however it does not appear the same. And it appears to be feeding the new leaves and the stem. While all along the roots are rapidly growing.

The seed now looks very different and it has in some sense come to life. It does not exist as a seed but lives as a plant with the ability to bear more seeds.

“23 Jesus replied, “The hour has come for the Son of Man to be glorified. 24Very truly I tell you, unless a kernel of wheat falls to the ground and dies, it remains only a single seed. But if it dies, it produces many seeds. “ – John 12:23-24, NIV

And all along the roots keep growing. The roots give the seedling stability, holding on the paper towel and the glass wall. The roots continue to grow to seek out water to nourish the plant. And the root never stops growing. It grows as long as the plant is alive still giving it stability, and still seeking out water and nutrients.

We talked about our lives being the seed and how we need to keep reading the bible (thirsting for God, seeking Him out ) and praying (talking with Him and clinging to Him). Our roots like our fellowship with God should never stop growing.

I know this conversation will continue (especially since the seedling is yet to be planted in the ground and the remnants of the seed still remains.


We have been doing this experiment every year for about 6 years now (since my oldest was 3). The seed just does what God created it to be and the conversations and discussions just come from simple observations. It is an easy way to start the conversation and allow the Holy Spirit to take it as far as it can go at that time.

Be blessed!

Here is another doodle while pondering over the same verse


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